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1 pound of beeswax right from our hives. We've filtered the wax, it's ready for use in making candles, cosmetics, or crafting. It's really versatile stuff, use it for finishing furniture, waterproofing cloth / leather, lubricating sticking drawers or zippers.

Most of the wax sold online comes from really big beekeeping outfits. There's no way to know what chemicals that they've used to treat their bees and which of those chemicals have made it into their wax. A University of Pennsylvania study found that commercially available beeswax foundation had 'alarmingly' high levels of fluvalinate and coumaphos, which are pesticides used to control honeybee parasites. It's gross and you wouldn't in your food, on your face, or on your drawers. 

Our wax comes solely from our hives, which are never treated with harsh chemicals, and aren't within foraging distance of any big agricultural outfits.

This wax is gathered during the honey extraction process and is just the honey comb cappings.

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